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LPG Basics - United Kingdom

A training course for anyone needing a basic understanding of LPG, it's uses and safe handling.


LPG Safety Handbook

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The Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedures - Edition 7.1

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LPG Basics - French Holiday parks

A training course for those employed by French holiday parks, we provide a basic understanding of LPG, it's safe handling and uses.

Basics GPL - Parcs de Vacances Français

Un cours de formation pour les employés des parcs de vacances basés en Europe continentale. Nous vous transmettrons une compréhension de base du GPL, de sa gestion et des mesures de sécurité à prendre lors de son utilisation.

A Bee Inspector's guide to LPG

A training course that provides an introduction to the safe use of LPG for APHA seasonal bee inspectors.