This specialist training course is available to holiday companies operating in France, Spain and Italy.

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We have designed this course for holiday park maintenance staff new to working with LPG. 

Delivered in a non-technical manner, it will equip those working in a European holiday park environment with an understanding of LPG, it's safe use and handling. 

In addition, you will be able to check your newfound knowledge with the built-in self-test module.

Course Contents

    1. Welcome

    1. The Story of LPG

    1. 1. A brief history

    2. 2. Combustion

    3. 3. LPG Fundamentals

    4. 4. LPG Storage

    5. 5. Pressures

    6. 6. Pipework

    1. Instructions

    2. Self-test

    3. Now take a few minutes to tell us what you thought about the course, you can give us a rating too!

About this course

  • £250.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Your trainer

Ian Oultram MIGEM

Ian owns the company and develops training programmes. He also delivers training courses, authors technical handbooks and carries out gas related consultancy for private companies and Government departments. Working with LPG since 1970 he has enjoyed a successful career in gas service engineering. In 2002 he opened his LPG Training business.

A training course designed to provide an introduction to LPG in a non-technical manner.