This specialist training course is available to holiday companies operating in France, Spain and Italy.

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We have designed this course for holiday park maintenance staff new to working with LPG. 

Delivered in a non-technical manner, it will equip those working in a European holiday park environment with an understanding of LPG, it's safe use and handling. 

In addition, you will be able to check your newfound knowledge with the built-in self-test module.

Course Contents

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2


    • The Story of LPG

  • 3


    • 1. A brief history

    • 2. Combustion

    • 3. LPG Fundamentals

    • 4. LPG Storage

    • 5. Pressures

    • 6. Pipework

  • 4


    • Instructions

    • Self-test

    • Now take a few minutes to tell us what you thought about the course, you can give us a rating too!

Your trainer

Ian Oultram

Ian has worked with LPG since the 1970's. A successful career in gas service engineering followed, in 2002 he started LPG Training & Assessment. A training company delivering specialised LPG courses across the UK and into Europe. He now shares his time between creating specialist training and assessment materials and consulting for the LPG industry.

A training course designed to provide an introduction to LPG in a non-technical manner.